1. I am not able to register on the Comprehensive E-filing system?
Check the “PKI Component installation instructions” and see if you have followed all the steps prior to registering on website.
2. Can I use any Digital signature for registering/filing of applications?
Currently you can use following digital signatures:
Vendor Signature Class URL:
(n)Code Solutions Class III or II https://www.ncodesolutions.com
Safe Scrypt Class III or II https://www.sifycorp.com
e mudhra Class III or II https://www.e-mudhra.com
Capricorn Class III or II https://www.certificate.digital
Verasys Class III or II https://www.vsign.in/
Pantasign Class III or II https://www.pantasign.com
IDSign Class III or II https://www.idsign.app
XtraTrust Class III or II https://www.xtratrust.com
SignX Class III or II https://www.signxca.com/
ProDigiSign Class III or II https://www.prodigisign.com/
Care4Sign Class III or II https://www.Care4Sign.com/
3. Can I use my USERID and password of earlier version to log in to the Comprehensive e-filing system?
No, You need not to create a new user id in the Comprehensive e-filing system for Trade Mark (3.0)
4. Can one digital signature be used to create multiple login IDs?
No, you cannot create multiple user IDs with single digital Signatures. Digital signatures are the instruments of authenticity & Integrity and should be used by the person who owns it. One should not allow any other person to use his/her digital signatures. Safe custody of digital Signatures is the responsibility of the owner.
5. I am not able to add my digital signatures for registration?
The computerThe computer which is being used for Comprehensive e-filing system should run the browser (Internet Explorer in Windows 7 or Later) in “Administrative mode” i.e. right click on the Internet Explorer icon and click “Run as Administrator”. For other Operating systems, please contact your system administrator on how to run browser in administrative mode.
6. I am having Mac/Linux OS. Can I use the Comprehensive e-filing system?
Currently the e-filing system supports only Windows 7 and above Operating systems.
7. Which web browser is best suited for using the system?
Internet Explorer 10 and above.
8. My Digital Signature Certificate has expired and I have changed / replaced it with new one. How do I update it?
Open the link “Renew Digital Signature” under the Control Panel in the left Navigation bar and update your digital signature by following the guidelines given therein.
9. I accidentally uploaded wrong Digital certificate while Registration, how do I replace the digital certificate?
Please follow steps mentioned in the previous question.essage, password sh10. When I press "Add digital signature" it gives a message, password should not be empty?
Please enter your password after adding your digital signatures.“Certificate not fo11. On clicking “Add digital signature” system shows “Certificate not found”, while same has already been installed?
Ensure that CA and CCA certificates of the PKI vendor has been installed and all the certificates in the certification path are “OK” (To view: Open Internet Explorer  Tools  Internet Options  Content  click “Certificates” button  Select your Digital certificate  Click “View” button  In the new window click “Certification Path” tab  The “Certificate Status:” should show : “This certificate is OK” ).
10. I need help and information about Comprehensive E-filing system?
Please refer to the user manual given at the home page of Comprehensive E-filing system for all the detailed information and usage.
11. Which forms can I file through Comprehensive E-filing services system?
All the forms as per amended Trade Mark Rule can be filed through Comprehensive E-filing system.
12. Can I edit the drafted form after I have digitally signed it?
You can only edit the drafted form till you have not digitally signed it. Once it is signed, it cannot be edited and needs to be re-drafted after trashing the previous one.
13. What should I do if some error has occurred/displayed on screen?
Please copy the error details and mail it to tmr-helpdesk@nic.in
14. I attempted to pay for a form through the payment gateway but I got a transaction error. What should I do?
In case there is a transaction error: Check the status in “Pending Payment” under PAYMENTS tab. And click on the "Verify" button to check the latest status of that transaction. If the status shows "SUCCESS" then you may generate the acknowledgement from there itself. And if the status is "FAILURE" or "STILL WAITING FOR RESPONSE FROM THE BANK" then you are advised to wait for at least 30 minutes and recheck the status before enabling the applications for repayment. For failed tyransactions amount debited (if any) will automatically be credited by the payment gateway to the payers accounts within 4 working days. In case of any discrepancy please write to tmr-helpdesk@nic.in mentioning the details of the transaction.
15. Can I use any Payment gateway to pay for the application fees?.
User can use only comprehensive payment gateway of Central Bank of India for Payment of Fees. The gateway provides payment options through internet banking of multiple banks and along with credit/debit cards payment options.
16. Where can I get the history of all my Payments?
You can view all your Payment transactions in the link given in the left navigation bar under “Payment History”.